.Data Driven Design

Project Overview

This project illustrates and iterates my strong belief that data science should be leveraged in order to design better experiences, services and products.

Data Science, when coupled up with design can be path-breaking. Designers can use Data Science in order to understand user groups better. For example, analysing existing datasets of user data could prove very effective during design research. Moreover, the data analysis can be used to deliver a better service design. Also, data driven design can be greatly effective in communication design as well. It is no doubt that visuals obtained from crunching data on R Studio (in this case) are infinitely easier to understand - this can be leveraged to enhance visual communication design, which will thus enhance user experience.

Problem Statement

Through this project, I aim to enhance the experience of one particular touchpoint in the service loop of a craft beer brewery - the point of sale of a craft beer. This service would enable amateur beer enthusiasts to develop a deeper understanding of craft beer and also help a brewery understand their customers better through data analysis.

The above dataset was analysed for better understanding of the brew characteristics. The data was visualised as follows:

Data + Design

A mobile app was introduced for the customers of the brewery which enabled both, data collection of the user, and it also empowered the user by providing an interface where they could explore different beer styles and make informed decisions while ordering their favourite beer.

Here users can order based on their preferences and suggestions the app provides. The suggestions are established from the back end through the above codes.