Tactile Navigation for
Visually Impaired

*Currently raising funds to scale this project.

Project Overview

It is said that the nature has answers to all our problems. As a designer, I have learnt to seek inspiration and guidance from nature. Tacna is a project where I take inspiration from nature in an attempt to empower the visually impaired by creating a product that would enhance the accessibility of an existing navigation system.

Trigger & Inspiration

The trigger to work for the visually impaired came from my observation at a trip to a local bank. I observed a visually impaired gentleman finding it difficult to access the exact position of a tap on the water cooler. So, although he could navigate his way to the water cooler his inability to place the exact position of the tap sparked a need to provide guides to enable the same. Thus, the research for Tacna was initiated.


My research consisted of two major topics - understanding the users who in this case, were visually impaired people and the second topic was nature, that would act as a guide to my design process. After having studied and interviewed the stakeholders in this system, I got a deeper understanding of the user group. An important factor in the design research was that of sight and touch - colour was an important topic that was studied. To empower the user group it was imperative to understand how the visually impaired interacted with their environment. I understood that the design solution needed to enhance accessibility for both - visually impaired through a colour based system and for the blind through a touch based system. Following this research, I studied various elements of nature which could be the foundation of my design solution.

Conceptualisation and Product Design