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Project Overview

A lot of discussions have happened on the Future of Work – speculations, scenarios, anxiety, dystopia and a little bit of utopia. But, why Future of Work? The rate of change of future directly affects learning, education, work and careers. Bridging the gap in the learning system of today would be irrelevant in the future. Hence, it was imperative that we raised the question as to what the future of work is and how do we make sure we develop effective systems to navigate it.

What is Vedica?

‘Vedica’ is a mobile application that predicts what an employee should be learning and delivers relevant, personalised and bite-sized educational content in order to help them continuously learn and update themselves on-the-job and help them navigate a future in which AI and automation are creating a skill gap in industries.

Imagine you are an employee who has a sales meeting with a potential client in a couple of days. Your boss needs you to successfully win the account. Vedica has already understood this situation - what it now does is provide you with relevant bite sized courses that will help you succeed at this meeting. An example of a bite sized course would be ‘Negotiation Skills’ – Approximately 5-minute course, which the employee can self-learn and practise his theoretical learning in the actual meeting. This happens in very simple steps - You receive a notification on your phone, you update yourself with the relevant content presented to you on the mobile app and now you’re better ready for your meeting!

In the long run, this creates a learning loop – relevant theoretical learning + practical application.

Vedica at the Dubai Design Week 2019

Research Structure

  1. 'Imagined Orders' of the society
  2. 4th Industrial Revolution
  3. Design Fiction
  4. Future of Work
  • Education System
  • The New World Order
  • Social Constructs
  • Modern Society

  • Industrial Revolutions Study
  • Zero Marginal Cost Economy
  • Economic Transitions
  • Jobs of the Future
Jobs of the Future

Jobs of the future can mainly be categorized into 3 types. The jobs that exist even today that fit into the capitalist nature of our world, the jobs that come out of the sharing economy such as renting out your home as an AirBnB and the third type which comes out of the Zero Marginal Cost economy that has been made possible by the internet. In economics, the ideal situation is when the cost to make a product is almost zero if not completely zero. Creating content on social media, blogging and creating music are all examples of this nature. What is interesting though is that, in the future, one might be able to get income from all three sources at once. Imagine having a regular job, a shack that you rent out to an AirBnB and being a blogger – even today it is already happening to a small degree, in the future it will be a common sight.

  • Workshops on Speculative Design
  • Current Trends Extrapolation
  • Future Trends

  • ‘Future of work is Learning’
  • Factors influencing ‘Future of Work’

A the end of this research 'Vedica' was born.


Vedica is an unique platform that combines real time AI analysis of corporate communication and data such email, slack and more giving the employees recommendations and predictions to support their continuous learning.

Vedica's unique learning philosophy

User Interface

Why Vedica?

For Employees

  1. Upskilling on-the-go
  2. Personalized, bite-sized content
  3. One stop library of 'future skills'

For Employers

  1. Reduces skill gaps in organizations
  2. Keeps the organizations innovative
  3. Brings quality education to the workplace